Sunday, June 26, 2011

review - Firecracker Follies

James Gray and his merry band of cuckoos led by Momma are back for a whole week this year in Firecracker Follies, the campy and irreverent salute to our nation's history. Eric Seppala - does some great meatless recipes, Kendall Rose, and Dena Drotar are joined by special guest tap dancer Rusty Frank @ the Cavern Club of Casita del Campo in Silverlake through Sunday July 3. There are sendups of Betsy Ross, Uncle Sam, Daniel Boone, Rosa Parks (guess who plays her?), Mrs. Lincoln, Wonder Woman (and no, Momma does NOT play her; you'll have to go and see the show to find out), Ben Franklin, Shirley Temple Black (well, she was an ambassador!), George Washington and his dancing cherries (see photo below), and a great Jackie O(nassis) with 60s fashion guru Oleg Cassini in tow, Davy Crockett, Marilyn Monroe (well, via the Kennedy boys she was almost patriotic), the Wright Brothers, FDR with Annie Warbucks, Amelia Earhart & Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan - SINGING! Momma does a patriotic sing-a-long, bakes cookies-and you'll get a chance to see the new classic 4th of July picnic fiasco (now on youtube) from last year. On opening night, there were tech problems that made the show even funnier, as Gray mimed all of Momma's crazed eating habits from the dvd. Dena Drotar does her great MM with "Heatwave", Momma announces her candidacy for office with "Motherhood" and there's even a fireworks display as the grand finale.

Gray and Momma work like two peas in a pod together, especially with improvs, and Seppala is a total joy to watch.
The costumes are all so outrageously sparkling and glittery that you would swear Bob Mackie designed them, particularly those for Momma and Gray's multi-colored jackets and vests, which match the red, white and blue decor of the set pieces. It's all a grande effort from The Firecracker Follies Players and sheer delight!

See this hoot of a show in honor of America in the basement of a Mexican restaurant Casita del Campo - through July 3 with special matinee on Saturday July 2 at 3 pm - make it an annual event! You'll have a ball!
(photo credit: Renee Gorsey)
see more photos below!
And the picnic video:

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