Monday, July 4, 2011

review - Entertaining Mr. Sloane

Entertaining Mr. Sloane
by Joe Orton 
directed by Stan Zimmerman
The Actors Company
through July 24

The cast is superb. Cooper is a sensual treat as Sloane, who is at his most volatile when any obstacle stands in his way. Buchanan is despicably suave and cunning, Gammell is appropriately feisty and fearlessly irritating, but it is d' Abo who truly steals the show. As the 41 year-old disillusioned frump, she has a veritable field day with the seduction of Sloane, unafraid of where unbridled lasciviousness will take her. A beautifully unrestrained performance!
Zimmerman's direction is crisp with perfect pacing, and it does help that all the actors are British and know how to speak the language properly, even though the regional accents are a tad thick at first. The set of the sitting room of the run-down tenement has just the right appearance with Joel Daavid credited as artistic director and props.

Entertaining Mr. Sloane is not to be missed. Even if you have seen the play before, the Actors Company does Orton proud, and you are not likely to see a finer production anywhere.

5 out of 5 stars

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